MACo: “No Wage History” Mandate Shouldn’t Upend Local Pay Systems

On Tuesday, Michael Sanderson submitted written testimony in opposition to HB 634 Labor and Employment – Wage History and Wage Range.

This bill represents a mandate that would potentially eliminate structured promotion opportunities, which typically allow for local governments to offer employees a career path forward.

From the MACo Testimony:

SB 634 prohibits employers from relying on past wage history information to determine an applicant’s salary or a current employee’s salary when considering that employee for a new position, including a promotion. However, if an employer makes a job offer, an applicant or employee can volunteer his or her salary history to support a higher wage offer. This bill also requires employers to provide salary information to applicants upon request.

The county concerns regarding this legislation are merely practical. This bill would undermine many local government pay systems, which frequently rely on a standardized scale of wages when considering the internal promotion of current employees. Such scales are graduated according to duties performed, length of service, and efficiency of the officers or employees. Undermining such systems serves no practical purpose in the public sector, where benefit and pay structures are already subject to public input and scrutiny.

For more on 2019 MACo legislation, visit the Legislative Database.

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