Counties See Helpful State Role in Flood Response and Recovery

On February 19th, Robin Clark Eilenberg submitted written testimony in support of HB 428 Comprehensive Flood Management Grant Program – Awards for Flood Damage and Mandatory Funding.

This bill would expand the previously established grant program by requiring an annual $5M appropriation and extending the list of eligible purchases to include processes such as debris removal and emergency protection work.

From the MACo Testimony:

Maryland counties support flood mitigation, response, and recovery efforts through the many county departments, working in coordination with local emergency management offices. County governments seek to reduce flood risks and prepare for flood events with all available resources, including federal funding. Catastrophic or repeated flooding events, however, easily overwhelm available local and federal resources. 

This legislation’s update to the State’s comprehensive flood management grant program extends the program’s reach to encompass serious flooding events such as those we have seen in Maryland recently, while still maintaining the traditional purposes of the grant program. This balance will deliver much needed support to those jurisdictions that are still recovering from severe flooding events, and then, in future years, provide opportunities to other jurisdictions for flood control and watershed management projects.

For more on 2019 MACo legislation, visit the Legislative Database.

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