Here’s What the Smart Growth Subcabinet Will Discuss at #MACoCon

WCJ19 - Countdown HeaderAs previously reported by Conduit Street, the Smart Growth Subcabinet will be responding to county questions about land use, economic development, transportation, the environment, and other critical issues at the MACo January 2019 Winter Conference. While there will be time for an open question and answer session with the Subcabinet, the Subcabinet will mainly focus on answering questions that were previously submitted by the counties through MACo. Here are the county questions that the Subcabinet will be discussing:




Land Use & Planning

  • What are the top five topics of focus/concern emerging from A Better Maryland?
  • Is there a strategy or help for local governments and the State to negotiate conflict between building codes, health department regulations, and agri-tourism activities?
  • How can counties continue to work with the State is make sure that local concerns are addressed when siting large scale solar, wind, and other types of energy generation facilities?
  • How are State agencies (especially Planning, Environment, and Transportation) working to make review of permits and pending projects more efficient and consistent?

Economic Development

  • What are State agencies doing to holistically address workforce development issues, including education, training and access, and robust transportation and IT systems for connecting people to opportunities?


  • What is State’s direction with climate change?
  • With respect to county governments, what direction is the State headed in regarding the Chesapeake Bay TMDL and the MS4 permits?


  • What is the long term plan for the sustainability of Highway User Revenues?
  • What are the State’s plans for addressing transit and congestion challenges in urban areas and road/access issues in suburban and rural areas?
  • How is the State preparing for autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and smart infrastructure technology?

Parks & Recreation

  • How safe is the funding for Program Open Space and similar programs that benefit parks and recreation in our communities?

The Subcabinet panel is scheduled for Wednesday, January 2, 2019, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

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