If Paradise Were In Your County

Tragedy struck Paradise, California when a major wildfire devastated the town. But response to a regional disaster is never accomplished alone. Is your county ready to respond and request resources needed to protect your residents during emergencies?  

Regional disasters like wildfires require coordinated emergency response from county, state, and federal partners.

As reported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on November 17, hundreds of emergency managers from dozens of state and federal agencies responded to the California wildfires that almost completely destroyed Paradise, California and wreaked terrible damage throughout the region,

The State’s Emergency Operations Center near Sacramento continues working a 24/7 response and recovery operation with hundreds of emergency managers, subject matter experts and representatives from dozens of state and federal agencies. It’s moved massive amounts of supplies to logistical support centers established in affected communities to support relief efforts.

FEMA also reported that elected officials expedited response efforts,

On November 8, Governor Edmund G. Brown issued an executive order to cut red tape and help streamline wildfire recovery efforts in communities across the state. States of emergency were declared in Los Angeles, Ventura and Butte counties late last week due to these fires, and California secured direct federal assistance to further support the impacted communities – within 24 hours of making the request.

Some of the agencies and groups who responded to the wildfires included:

  • Butte and Ventura counties
  • California Departments of Emergency Management, Highway Patrol, Public Health, and Emergency Medical Services Authority
  • California National Guard and California Conservation Corps
  • Multiple communications teams
  • California Air Resources Board 
  • Various volunteer organizations
  • Small business administrations
  • Private donors
  • Multiple federal partners

If Paradise were in your county, would you be ready to request and deploy the state, federal, and volunteer partners offering support?

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