State Releases Review of Community College Audits

The Office of Legislative Audits releases several reports, including a Review of Community College Audit Reports.

The Office of Legislative Audits is part of the Maryland General Assembly’s Department of Legislative Services. As described by the Office,

Our mission is to serve the General Assembly and the citizens of Maryland by providing independent, objective, and non-partisan audits and evaluations of State government agencies and local school systems.  These audits assist the General Assembly in its oversight responsibilities and lead to improved performance throughout State government.

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Counties can learn about agencies that receive both state and county funding from legislative audits performed by the State’s Office of Legislative Audits.

This past October, the Office released several reports, including Review of Community College Audit Reports – Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017. Maryland counties provide funding to support Maryland’s community colleges in partnership with the State.

The Office of Legislative Audit’s report found that for several community colleges, pension benefits and other post-employment benefits were pressuring budgets.

For more information about this report and others, see the recent audits performed by the Office of Legislative Audits.

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