Climate Mitigation Workgroup Finalizing 2017 Recommendations

The Mitigation Working Group of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change [MCCC] is finalizing its 2017 recommendations for the MCCC’s annual report. The recommendations focus on: (1) supporting the “40 by 30 Plan” (reducing Maryland’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030); (2) enhancing the State’s greenhouse gas Emission’s Inventory; (3) incorporating environmental justice considerations for underserved communities and vulnerable populations; (4) supporting clean energy businesses and manufacturing jobs while assisting fossil fuel dependent workers; (5) improving healthy soils and carbon sequestration; (6) creating additional innovative financing options for clean energy and climate change mitigation projects, such as PACE loans and QECBs; and (6) initiating transportation reforms.

The Working Group reviewed the draft recommendations at its August 24th meeting and will finalize the recommendations at its September 15th meeting and present the recommendations to the MCCC on September 20.  The Working Group will also finalize its action plan for 2018.

MACo Legal and Policy Counsel is MACo’s representative on the Working Group. Prince George’s County Council Member Deni Taveras is MACo’s representative on the MCCC.