Perfecting P3s At #MACoCon

Public private partnerships, or P3s, can provide innovative solutions to advancing

Sallye Perrin, Senior Vice President, WSP USA (photo courtesy WSP USA)

county projects from economic development and broadband deployment to stormwater management and green infrastructure investment. Attend MACo’s Summer Conference session, “Perfecting the Potential of Public Private Partnerships,” to hear best practices from national experts and real examples of successful P3s from Maryland county officials.

Perfecting the Potential of Public Private Partnerships

Description: When implemented correctly, public private partnerships, or “P3s,” offer government agencies the opportunity to provide the public with necessary infrastructure while benefitting from the expertise and efficiency of private enterprise. The ideal P3 is the best of both worlds, with public benefit and private sector efficiency- but complications of structuring any new arrangement always present risks. Learn about how jurisdictions have crafted successful partnerships to build and maintain infrastructure at this session.


  • Adam Ortiz, Director, Prince George’s Department of the Environment
  • Ken Ulman, CEO, Margrave Strategies
  • Sallye Perrin, Senior Vice President, WSP USA
  • James McCormick, CIO, Caroline County

Moderator: The Honorable Steve Hershey, MD State Senate

Date/Time: Friday, August 18, 2017; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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