Startup Roadshow Hits Southern Maryland, Next Stop #MACoCon

Mike Venezia and Mike Binko will be bringing the Startup MD Bus and Roadshow to MACo’s Summer Conference. Get ready to pitch!

As reported by Southern Maryland Newsnet,

The Calvert County Department of Economic Development announces it has joined local entrepreneurship advocates and Startup Maryland to bring the Pitch Across Maryland, STRT1UP Road Show to Southern Maryland. The event is an opportunity for technology businesses, start-ups and anyone interested in innovation to pitch ideas, network and learn about Southern Maryland organizations that support business growth and development.

For more see Calvert County Co-sponsors Event for Entrepreneurs to Pitch Ideas, New Business from Southern Maryland News Net.

The STRT1UP Roadshow will be coming to MACo’s Summer Conference this year, too, as a special attraction tying into the Conference’s theme, “You’re Hired.”

To register to pitch on the STRT1UP Roadshow at MACo’s Summer Conference, contact Robin Clark at MACo.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference: