Augmented Reality…It’s Here

Will Gee of Baltivirtual demos a 3D map of a development proposal.

Tech Wednesday at MACo’s Summer Conference featured a panel discussion and demonstration of augmented and virtual reality.

Virtual reality, often referred to as VR, has many applications that, as shared by the speakers, are already enhancing county government services, and have a range of potential additional applications.

Notes from the conversation:


  • Will Gee of Baltivirtual demonstrated a 3D mock up of downtown development and several other augmented reality applications.
  • Jason Michael Perry of Mindgrub shared how augmented reality and virtual reality training modules for firefighters and nurses are already in practice and are proven to improve data retention rates.

Brian Darmody, Associate Vice President for Corporate and Foundation Relations, University of Maryland moderated the conversation, providing national perspective on the many areas where county government programs and services intersect with augmented reality.