Come Together After the Election by Conserving Farms & Open Space

A Delmarva Now op-ed (2106-11-20) by Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Rob Etgen proposed that one area our divided electorate can rally around is the conservation of parks, farms, and open space. From the op-ed:

It seems to me conservation of parks and farms and open space could provide a bridge across some of the divides that America faces. At the political level, both Democrats and Republicans have storied traditions in conservation – from Republican Teddy Roosevelt’s creation of the National Park system to Democratic President Obama’s creation of the Arctic Marine Sanctuary.

In our communities, parks are the melting pots where we all come together to celebrate, recreate and participate with each other, forming critical community bonds.

And at a personal level, I believe we all have a deep need for access to land and nature, and elbow room in an increasingly urbanized world.

As our new leaders take office at all levels, please encourage them to support parks, nature preserves and open space.

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