Charles County Considers New Development Limits

A BayNet article (2016-11-17) reported on a proposal to create a new Watershed Conservation District (WCD) along the Mattawoman Creek watershed and the headwaters of the Port Tobacco River in Charles County. The proposed change follows the adoption of the County’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan and would limit development potential in the affected area. Charles County Planning Director Steve Ball briefed the County’s Planning Commission on the proposed WCD. From the article:

“The idea is to guide development away from natural areas,” Ball said. The resolution will allow agriculture, horticulture and open air markets. Residential will be limited to single family homes, one unit per 20 acres.

“There are also specific regulations within the WCD, proposed text which would place limitations on impervious surfaces,” Ball added.

The area under consideration encompasses some 20 different zoning districts and includes a total of 36,679.61 acres.

“About half of the properties would no longer be zoned rural conservation deferred,” Ball explained. “That covers all of the watershed of the Mattawoman and headwaters of the Port Tobacco River.”

The article also stated that the county commissioners will vote on the proposed changes in March of 2017 and a public hearing on the proposal will be held at the planning commission’s November 28 meeting.

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