What the Election Will Mean for Education

Experts assess the effects of the election on education policy in a conversation including Maryland’s State Board of Education President, Andy Smarick.

Andy Smarick, President of the Maryland State Board of Education joins a conversation about the effect of the elections on education.

On Thursday, November 10, the American Enterprise Institute delved into what the 2016 election means for childhood education, K–12 schooling, and higher education with a panel discussion among experts in Washington, DC.

From AEI:

With Donald Trump’s shocking win on Tuesday, many across the country are wondering what will happen come January 2017. On November 10 at AEI, an assorted panel featuring think tank fellows and a journalist discussed what impact a Trump presidency may have on education. After talking about personal reactions to the event, the panel ran through potential courses of action that the future administration might take and what to expect from the Trump administration.

Watch a video of the discussion.