Maryland Awarded $2 Million Grant to Expand Apprenticeships

The federal ApprenticeshipUSA Expansion Grant will be used to invest in the State’s registered apprenticeship program.


According to the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, this US Department of Labor grant funding will be used grow traditional and non-traditional industry sectors,

Maryland will use the grant funds and leveraged resources to catalyze efforts to grow and diversify Apprenticeships to provide a sustainable employment pipeline in both traditional and non-traditional industry sectors focusing on three critical elements:

  1. Expanding Capacity by Increasing Staffing and Infrastructure
  2. Outreach/Education
  3. Advancing Innovative Practices

Secretary Kelly Schulz of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation stated in a press release,

Under the leadership of Governor Hogan, Maryland is working toward a sizeable increase in apprenticeships, from 7,186 in 2012 to 9,258 today, with a goal of 9,500 by the end of 2016.

MACo follows apprenticeship and workforce development issues that affect the school construction industry. As highlighted at MACo’s Spring Symposium, workforce shortages in school construction have led to additional costs, and future shortages are predicted. For more information, see School Construction Workforce Shortages – Bracing the Gaps.

For more information about the ApprenticeshipUSA grant, see DLLR’s apprenticeship grant information and the DLLR Press Release.