State Board Takes Steps on School Start Dates Waiver Process

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, the state school board signaled that it will streamline decisions on granting waivers to local boards of education from the executive order requiring school to start after Labor Day next year.

From the Sun,

After a spirited discussion at its regular monthly meeting about who controls education policy, the board adopted a resolution saying it intends to approve such exceptions “expeditiously” as long as the local boards can provide “reasonable explanations of the educational benefits to students.”

According to the Maryland Boards of Education, the State Board directed staff to draft guidelines for waivers from the post-Labor Day Executive Order. As reported by MABE, the language of the adopted motion reads as follows:

“Direct Staff to draft guidance that the board can approve at its next meeting that makes clear to districts, charter schools, and the public that the board intends, beginning immediately, to approve expeditiously, requests for waivers from the calendar limits set by Executive Order 01.01.2016.19, provided that such requests are justified by reasonable explanations of the educational benefits to students that will be advanced by such waivers.

“And further direct staff to begin, during this interim, the process of developing suitable regulations to continue to carry out the board’s intent as stated in this motion.”

For more information, see Maryland school board would streamline waivers from Labor Day order from the Sun  and our previous coverage on Conduit Street: