School Board Considers Options Under Start Date Order

Following the Governor’s order on school start dates, Montgomery County’s school board is working through several new options for next year’s school calendar.

As reported by the Washington Post, a Montgomery school board committee has come up with a few possible plans for next year’s school year.

Two of the three proposals the committee backed would set the opening of school just after Labor Day, on Sept. 5, in 2017. A third proposal includes an Aug. 28 start, a plan that is similar to what Montgomery does now.

The option that complies with the Hogan decree would trim a day from Montgomery’s typical 184-day school year. But it also stands to affect spring break. If 2017-2018 brings more than three snow days, spring break could be cut back by up to three days.

For more information, see the full story, One Md. school system grapples with state order to start school after Labor Day from the Washington Post.