State Funds Could Postpone Carroll School Closure Decision

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Click for video of Delegate Haven Shoemaker sharing news that Governor Hogan plans to provide $4 million to Carroll County Schools. Shoemaker has advocated for the funding. Courtesy of Lauren Loricchio/Carroll County Times.


Governor Hogan plans to give $4 million in stopgap funding to Carroll County Public Schools that could be used to delay closing schools in the county another year, according to the Carroll County Times.

The Governor also plan to provide another $1.6 million to two other jurisdictions that have received decreased state aid due to declining enrollment, according to the Carroll County Times.

As reported,

Hogan notes that while the majority of jurisdictions in the state have received increased state funding for education over the past five years, Carroll is one of three jurisdictions that have been faced with the problem of maintaining adequate funding while their student enrollment numbers decline. He proposes in the letter that Garrett County receive $1.3 million and Kent County receive $300,000.

In 2014, the General Assembly provided some funding Garrett and Kent Counties to mitigate funding decreases due to declining enrollment through 2017, but did not include Carroll County in the legislation. For more information, see our previous post, House Narrows “Half Harmless” Education Funding Bill To Small Counties.

A recent report for the Study of Adequacy of Funding for Education in the State Of Maryland also discusses this issue. For more information, see our post, Study Recommends School Formula Changes For Enrollment Gains, Drops.

For more information on the Governor’s recent grants, read the full story from the Carroll County Times.