Investigating Insurance Fraud in the Digital Age

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Click for videos of insurance fraud investigation by the Commercial Index Bureau.

Today’s fraud investigator must be adept in the proper use of all technological resources — from social media to drones.

An educational session and reception at the upcoming MACo Summer Conference will provide attendees with insight into the techniques used to prevent insurance fraud.

Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company invites all county elected officials, administrators, and human resources personnel to join them for a reception and forum to discuss modern fraud investigation techniques.

    • Description: There have been many technological advances in the way insurance fraud tips are gathered and the way surveillance is conducted. Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company (formerly the Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund – IWIF) is committed to aggressive workers compensation claims handling, which includes fully investigating allegations of insurance fraud. As instances of fraud inflate claim costs, insurance companies and employers must work together to conduct comprehensive and cost-effective fraud investigations.
    • Speakers:
      • Tammy R. J. Longan, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Director of the Strategic Business Unit
      • Robert Trzeciak, Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, Field Investigator
      • A.J. Alexander, Commercial Index Bureau
    • Moderator: The Honorable Thomas McLain “Mac” Middleton, Maryland Senate
    • Date/Time: Wednesday, August 17, 2016; 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
    • Place: Ocean City Convention Center

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference: