$15 City Minimum Wage Advances, But Unclear Path

Bill sponsor Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

As reported by the Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore City’s Council gave preliminary approval to an increase in the local minimum wage this week. For final approval, however, the legislation needs 8 votes — one more than the amount it received Monday.

The Baltimore Sun now reports that Baltimore Councilman Stokes, who had abstained from the vote, is firmly against the legislation and will not support it. From the Sun,

Stokes said Baltimore should not be “$4 or $5” ahead of the rate employers are required to pay workers throughout the rest of the state. The councilman said he would support an $11.50 minimum wage.

The council voted, 7-4, to give preliminary approval Monday to a proposal that would raise the minimum wage in Baltimore to $15 an hour, but supporters need at least 8 votes for the measure to receive final approval.

Stokes was among three council members who abstained from the vote. Councilman James B. Kraft — who previously said he was opposed to $15 an hour — was absent.

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