Star Wars or Star Trek? #MACoCon Participants Will Have to Choose…

SW vs ST

Yoda or Spock?

Skywalker or Kirk?

Vader or Khan?

The Death Star or The Enterprise?

Get ready to choose…

As a celebration of our conference theme, which looks ahead at the future of technology and how it will impact governance, MACo’s Summer Conference Exhibit Hall theme is “Star Wars vs. Star Trek.”

2014 exhibitors.jpg
Exhibitors having fun with 2014’s Wizard of Oz exhibit hall theme

Exhibitors will decorate their booths in either Star Wars or Star Trek decor and dress in costume for our Exhibitor Booth and Costume Contest. Exhibitors and Attendees alike will get to choose a side and declare their choice!

Join us for what is sure to be a ground-breaking event – deep technology-focused content and a bit of fun, too!

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