LGIT Grant Helps Harford Area Police Understand and Overcome Implicit Bias

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) presented a grant to help train Bel Air Police Department and its allied agencies in implicit bias.

LGIT Grant to Bel Air
Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun via Michael Krantz. LGIT’s Tim Ailsworth (front left) presents a $1,500 grant to Bel Air Police Chief Charles Moore

As reported by The Baltimore Sun, Bel Air Police Department received a grant from theLocal Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) to train officers and others in Harford County on implicit bias. The article explains that implicit bias is unconscious bias experienced by most people – the training will help law enforcement officers “recognize, acknowledge and compensate” for those biases in their work with the public.

The $1,500 grant was presented to Bel Air Police Chief Charles Moore by LGIT Executive Director Tim Ailsworth during Monday’s Bel Air Board of Town Commissioners’ meeting.

From the article:

One of the primary goals of LGIT is “to help small, midsize agencies, towns like ours meet, exceed and fulfill its management needs,” Moore said. “This grant is an example of LGIT fulfilling its mission.”

LGIT is a member-owned association authorized by state law, wholly owned and managed by its local government members. The Trust’s main purpose is to provide joint self-insurance programs or pools for towns, cities, and counties in the state of Maryland. The concept is simple – rather than paying premiums to buy insurance from an insurance company, local governments contribute those premiums into a jointly owned fund. The money in that fund is used to pay for the members’ claims, losses, and expenses.

The LGIT Training Grant Program assists Trust Members who wish to increase and improve their employees’ knowledge through training and thereby reduce liability claims and property damage. Training grants are awarded to attend seminars, workshops, conferences, technical classes, or other related training programs. For more information, visit LGIT’s website.