Bills Seek Protections for Law Enforcement Officers Using Naloxone

To help reduce overdose deaths, local law enforcement agencies are training and equipping their officers to use naloxone, a medication that reverses a heroin or opioid overdose. However, state law does not provide civil immunity protections for law enforcement officers using this life-saving medication. MACo and other stakeholders are working to get these important protections in place. As reported on WBAL-TV 11:

“We have a Good Samaritan Law generally, but it doesn’t seem like a perfect fit for this situation. It’s not quite the same as fixing a broken leg or administering CPR,” said Michael Sanderson, executive director of the Maryland Association of Counties.

There are six bills under consideration to extend civil immunity to police. Baltimore County Delegate Eric Bromwell said law enforcement sought the protection. Officers are worried they’ll get sued.

“There are some police in the state that are using this, but they know they are taking a risk. They are making the decision that we would rather save lives and face the liability. We don’t want them to have to make that decision,” Bromwell said.

For more information view the full report on WBAL-TV 11.