Mobile Command and Comms: Portals to Regional Emergency Response

Emergency managers serve local communities in their efforts to prepare for, protect against, respond to and recover from the broad range of emergencies that may adversely impact citizens, operations, and the environment. At this year’s MACo Summer Conference, you can learn about command and communication strategies being utilized by emergency managers across the state.

Here are more details:

Description: In a regional response, emergency managers require tools that ensure rapid, reliable, and interoperable communications to help save lives. Join this hands-on demonstration of today’s mobile command and radio technologies in a special session during MACo’s Tech Expo.


  • Walk-through a mobile command unit and see how emergency managers use its features to deploy their responders in coordination with the home county’s incident commander.
  • Make a test-call on radios programmed for interoperable communications and see how they work together like they were part of the same agency.


  • Jack Markey, Director, Division of Emergency Management, Frederick County
  • Gary Zamerski, Manager, Maryland Joint Operations Center
  • Jerry Napolitano, ‎Principal Solutions Architect, Motorola
  • Dick Briggs, Team Leader, Anne Arundel County Mobile Communication & Command

Moderator: The Honorable Michael Jackson, Maryland House of Delegates

Date / Time: Wednesday, August 17, 2016; 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

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