How Big Data Solved San Bernardino

Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR Online Investigative Tool provided location information for the perpetrators that was not found in other law enforcement databases.

At the National Association of Counties Conference in Long Beach, CA, Sharon Sayles Belton, former mayor of Minneapolis shared how the Thomson Reuters CLEAR Online Investigative Tool gave law enforcement the information they needed to find the San Bernardino shooters only four hours after the 2015 terrorist attack of San Bernardino county employees attending a holiday party.

Belton, currently an employee of Thomson Reuters, described how a law enforcement official used the CLEAR Online tool for additional information that might help responders apprehend the shooting suspects. As it turned out, the suspects and their associate had created a fake trail of information in the standard database leading to Riverside, California. Through use of Thomson Reuters CLEAR, law enforcement found a second address in Redlands, California. When law enforcement arrived in Redlands, they found the suspects.

For more information about Thomson Reuters CLEAR, see Thomson Reuters.

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