Drones Now Outnumber Other Kinds of Aircraft in Maryland, Nation

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, the Federal Aviation Administration has released figures stating that there are now more registered drone owners in the US than there are other kinds of aircraft.

Drones Map
Baltimore Sun map of 9,259 registered drone owners in Maryland

The FAA reports that there are almost 460,000 registered drone owners; 9,259 of them residing in Maryland. By comparison, only 315,000 aircraft are logged in the FAA’s main aircraft database, and only 2,806 of them are in Maryland.

The regulation of drones is a hot topic in Maryland and across the nation. The commercial uses of drones are interesting and enticing, but the risks and safety issues are cause for concern for officials.

“The industry looks at drones as a hobby, as a toy, when in reality there are sustainable commercial enterprises that are using these on a daily basis,” [Eric DiProspero, president of Federal Hill drone company Heights + Horizons] said. “It falls on the FAA to open up and listen to folks reasonably, but it also falls on drone users, whether it’s hobbyist or commercial, to do so responsibly to not force the FAA’s hand.”

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