Prince George’s County Honored for Help in Keeping the Bay Clean

Rain drops rippling in a puddle
$2.4M awarded for 33 projects by businesses and community groups that found a creative way to use runoff

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is praising Prince George’s County for efforts to address stormwater runoff that ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. According to Shawn Garvin, EPA Regional Administrator, Prince George’s County is one of the leaders in the country in creating cost-effective green solutions  for controlling stormwater.

In an article published by the Public News Service – MD, Garvin states:

What Prince George’s County is doing is taking money and getting it to organizations, getting it to localities so that they can make those local investments that have a broader benefit to the county, have a broader benefit to Chesapeake Bay.

Jeff Dehan, Associate Director of the Department of the Environment’s Stormwater Division, notes the success of the “Rain Check Rebate Program” in Prince George’s County has helped them to take an active role in improving the bay water quality.

It’s open continuously, year round, for property owners and residents to apply for cash incentive rebates to put these projects directly on their property,” he says. “That reduce the amount of runoff that leaves the property as well as these filters that remove the pollutants.

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