Governor Provides Additional Aid for Baltimore City and Calvert County Schools

Maryland’s Governor has provided additional funding for two jurisdictions with declining enrollment in a supplemental budget.

As reported in the Washington Times, the Governor stated in a Press Conference,

“. . . as part of an agreement with members of the General Assembly, we are providing $13.8 million in additional one-time K-12 education funding, including $12.7 million for Baltimore city schools and $1.1 million for Calvert County.”

Senator McFadden of Baltimore City thanked the Governor on the floor of the Senate for his care for the City of Baltimore and its students, with reference to the Governor’s supplemental budget, released on March 10, 2016.

The Senator stated,

We received this morning, colleagues, a supplemental from the Hogan administration and on page 9 I think it is, is a supplemental that would help the Baltimore City Public Schools. And I really want to thank the Governor. This was done because in the City of Baltimore we have declining enrollment and a phantom wealth issue that seems to give us the appearance of having more money than we really do.

Over the summer the Governor helped three counties who also had declining enrollment. And since that time several of us have been working with him to get the same consideration for the City of Baltimore. And to his credit he has done that.

The supplemental budget states on page 9 in part,

ROOA02.01 State Share of Foundation Program

  1. In addition to the appropriation shown on page 93 of the printed bill (first reading file bill), to provide funding for grants to counties with declining student enrollment.General Fund Appropriation 13,764,885

For more information, see the Governor’s Supplemental Budget Document and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan offers supplemental budget for education, drug treatment from the Washington Times.