Millennials’ Desire To Do Good Could Draw Them To Local Government

A recent survey and report shows that local governments can compete with the private sector for younger employees.

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A new report finds that county and city governments attract younger employees.

A report by the Local Government Research Collaborative and the Center for State and Local Government Excellence found that younger employees are drawn to employment in county and city governments for several reasons.

The report also shares ways that local governments can improve their chances of attracting workers from the millennial generation, especially as baby-boomers retire.

As described in the report, many younger workers are interested in more than a paycheck. A few qualities that attract them to jobs include:

  • The opportunity to do something worthwhile
  • Flexible work practices
  • Up-to-date office technology
  • Creative flexibility
  • Internships, and
  • Professional development

Next generation workers are motivated by more than money.

As describe by Route Fifty, the report finds that selling job candidates on the merits of public service and boosting office efficiency with data and automation could make succession planning easier. Succession planning is especially important now as many senior employees are retiring from their positions.

Based on the report’s surveys of graduate and undergraduate students,

Most students have a favorable opinion of local government, are likely to pursue local government career options, and are attracted by the opportunity to make a difference in the community and people’s lives.

For more information, see the story from Route Fifty, Survey: Local Government Can Compete With Private Sector at Hiring Younger Workers, or read the full report, Workforce of Tomorrow.