Baltimore City Finishes Body Camera Pilot, Looks Towards Implementation

The Baltimore City Police Department has concluded its pilot program for body cameras. It will review performance and feedback from the pilot and then look towards full deployment.

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

The pilot program, which concluded Friday, equipped about 150 officers in the Central, Eastern and Western districts with one of three cameras, each provided by a different vendor. The officers reviewed the cameras they used, and commanders are now reviewing the performance of each vendor and its technology. The city will eventually select one of those vendors to provide cameras to the entire force under a permanent camera program starting next year.

Davis, who joined other commanders at police headquarters Monday to discuss the conclusion of the pilot, offered no preference among the three companies, saying the review is underway. But he touted the department’s work to adopt body cameras, saying it’s a “big undertaking” — the department has about 3,000 rank-and-file officers — but one that will be worth the investment.

And as reported on ABC 2 News:

“The police officers who have been participating have been really great about giving us feedback. What work, what doesn’t work. What they like, what they don’t like so we will get to a point in mid February where we will make a final selection of the vendor and the product that we are going to go with and then we will start the process of rolling it out to the entire department and that is exciting,” Davis said.

Davis said it could take two years to get the entire force equipped with the camera the department chooses but that the BPD is still ahead of other large agencies in implementing this technology.

For more information read the full articles on The Baltimore Sun and ABC 2 News.