NACo Enhances and Improves its Electronic Publications

NACo is making changes to its publications to enable its readers to get the information they need quickly, accurately, and in a clear, convenient format. They know that its members are busy, and don’t have enough hours in the day for everything that needs to get done. For that reason, they are making improvements to two publications and eliminating one (NACo e-News). Members will receive one less email, but still get all the vital information they need.

First, the Legislative Bulletin is being redesigned and renamed, “Washington Watch”. Readers will receive Washington Watch weekly with updates on legislative activities from the nation’s capital.  It will be enhanced by including information about conferences, webinars and other activities and events.

The second change involves the alert members receive telling them that the online version of County News is available. That alert is being enhanced and will include information that its members found in NACo e-News, focusing on NACo conferences, webinars, publications, programs and events.  It will also provide members with early access to the top news stories, features and columns that make County News the must-read publication about county government. The online version of County News will include all of this information and much more. Readers will receive the alert about County News every other week.

NACo hopes that these changes from its media center provide its members with better access to information from the association.

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