Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz Discusses His Focus for Session 2013

Center Maryland’s Lisa Harris Jones and Damian O’Doherty sat down with Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz during the first podcast episode of Center Maryland’s Inside Out to discuss where his focus and attention will be during the session of Maryland’s General Assembly. 

County Executive Kamenetz said his main focus will be “school money, school money, school money.”  Baltimore County has the oldest inventory of schools in the state and has the most schools without air conditioning.  Another focus of Kamenetz’s will be transportation projects.

In the video, Kamenetz also discusses his thoughts on the gas tax and gives a rational approach to unions.  He’s asked employees to work harder and longer so a pension and a quality health care system can be provided when they retire.

“They have to pay more for it and work longer to get it, but in the end, it’ll be there for them and also not be a burden to the taxpayers,” County Executive Kamenetz said.

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