Reinvesting in Reentry – Why It’s Essential to Public Safety

At the MACo Summer Conference session “Reinvesting in Reentry – Why It’s Essential to Public Safety” audience members will learn about the importance of reentry programs and hear highlights of some successful reentry programs currently running in counties across the state. The session will be held from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on Friday August 14, 2015. More information about the session is below:

Reinvesting in Reentry – Why It’s Essential to Public Safety

Description: Investment in correction reentry programs is essential to public safety in Maryland. With local jails releasing approximately 80, 000 individuals per year, proper in-custody programs and community collaboration can impact recidivism and enhance public safety. Reductions in offending could also save Maryland tax payers millions of dollars. This session will focus on what research shows to be effective reentry models. It will also discuss key community partners to involve and why it is essential to involve them prior to an offender’s release.


  • Jack Kavanagh, Director, Howard County Department of Corrections
  • Mary Lou McDonough, Director, Prince George’s County Department of Corrections
  • Major Craig Rowe, Warden, Washington County Detention Division

Moderator: The Honorable Robert Cassilly, Maryland Senate

Date/Time: Friday, August 14, 2015; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The MACo Summer Conference will be held August 12-15 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. This year’s conference theme is “Energize. Mobilize. Capitalize.”

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