Opinion Piece States Education Is Key to Helping Baltimore, Encourages Regional Approach

In an opinion piece in the Baltimore Sun, Gregory E. Thornton, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools and S. Dallas Dance, Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools assert that the key to improving Baltimore City begins with providing each child with a high-quality education.

They also point to the widespread issues of inequality and poverty throughout Maryland, encouraging a regional approach.

Together, we are responsible for inspiring nearly 200,000 students to not only dream big but to attain the skills and knowledge to achieve those dreams and realize their future. And let’s be clear: The systemic issues related to equity, race and poverty that plague our cities are all too present in the suburbs as well. In this way, Baltimore and its surrounding counties are no different from neighborhoods all across our country. In Baltimore County, nearly 55,000 students are living in poverty. To put that in perspective, that is more students than are enrolled in Washington, D.C. Public Schools. In addition, fully 84 percent of Baltimore City students are from low income families. Therefore, we can’t act in silos. We must work together as a region to identify solutions to ensure every child is prepared for success.

For more information, read the full piece here.