MABE Announces 2020 Distinguished School Board Service Award Recipient

Joy Schaefer

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education has announced Joy Schaefer as the 2020 Distinguished School Board Service Award Recipient.

The award is presented to a board member who has made “outstanding contributions to public education through school board service in Maryland.” Schaefer served on the Frederick County Board of Education from 2012 to 2019, where she was elected as both vice president and president. She currently is the Government Affairs Director for Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner.

From MABE’s press release:

“[Schaefer’s} colleagues and school system leaders recognized the candidate as a bridge builder who helps people find common goals and interests and works collaboratively to reach consensus. By building productive and collegial working relationships, the candidate enables everyone around them to design and manage the best policies for students, families, and staff,” Schaefer’s award submission narrative states. “For more than a decade, the candidate has utilized their abilities on behalf of organizations focused on empowering families, serving young people, and building community.”

MABE President, Martha James Hassan, states, “Joy Schafer is most deserving of this significant honor. Her insights and unwavering commitment to excellence in education for each child have been a gift to Frederick County, MABE, and the State of Maryland. Her kindness is balanced by a steadfast commitment to doing what is right for the right reasons. It is a great honor to offer her congratulations, along with my gratitude for her service to MABE, Fredrick County, and the State of Maryland.”

Schaefer also served as MABE’s President and chair of several committees including Legislative, Conference Program, School Funding Adequacy, and Nominating.

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