Baltimore City Council Likely to Limit Public “Vaping”

The Baltimore City Council is expected to vote on a bill that would ban “vaping”, the smoking of electronic cigarettes, from most places cigarette smoking is also banned. As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore is among cities and states across the country that are grappling with how to regulate “vaping,” a term that refers to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers that allow users to breathe in nicotine without inhaling other harmful substances in traditional cigarettes, such as tar.

Months ago, Maryland lawmakers struck down an effort to ban electronic cigarette smoking statewide from all places where cigarette smoking is banned. But legislation introduced by City Councilman James B. Kraft would do just that in Baltimore.

“This is the wild, wild west. There have not been any real studies on these things nationwide,” Kraft says. “I decided we really needed to act and get these things under control. It’s needed for consistency with regards to enforcement of smoking laws.”

His bill contains a significant amendment that allows bars and restaurants to opt out of the ban, if they post prominent signs on their entrances and menus informing potential customers. Under the legislation, e-cigarettes would still be banned completely from inside any other city business, expect those where vaping is the primary source of commerce. They would also be banned from playgrounds.

The City Council is anticipated to provide preliminary approval for the bill at a meeting on Monday.

For more information read the full article in The Baltimore Sun.