Maryland Applies for Federal Preschool Expansion Grant

According to the US Department of Education, 35 states and Puerto Rico have applied for grants under the $250 million Preschool Development Grants program.

Over 25 high-need communities in 12-15 states will benefit from program funding by significantly expanding their preschool programs so that a large portion of their at-risk four-year-olds start school prepared.  States with either small (currently serve less than 10% of four-year-olds) or no state-funded preschool programs are eligible for Development Grants, while states with more robust (currently serve at least 10% of four-year-olds) state-funded preschool programs or a Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant are eligible for Expansion Grants.  Preschool programs funded under either category will need to meet the program’s criteria for high-quality.

Maryland has applied for an Expansion Grant.  Awards will be announced on December 10 at a White House Summit on Early Education.

For more information on pre-K expansion in Maryland, see our previous post, Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and Families Reviews Pre-K Expansion Funding.