A Workforce that Works

The National Association of Counties recently released a publication profiling county innovations in workforce development.  “A Workforce that Works,” showcases county-level strategies in workforce development by highlighting four counties that are aligning workforce development with economic development efforts to sustain a competitive and health economy.  From the publication,

Based on the four county case studies and the three themes that emerged during the research effort, the following takeaways suggest how county leaders can align their workforce development and economic development efforts to advance economic competitiveness:

  1. Counties can pursue and convene partnerships on multiple levels to advance workforce and economic development goals.
  2.  Counties can invest in targeted education and training programs to provide unemployed or under-skilled workers with quality jobs and fill skills gaps for local employers.
  3. Counties can help lead strategic planning and visioning processes to promote systemic
  4. Counties can emphasize a data-driven approach to better leverage and coordinate system resources.

For more information, see the full publication.