Employee Wellness Programs Deliver Return on Investment

The National Association of Counties Annual Conference in New Orleans included a workshop on the return on investment that county governments can expect through adopting employee wellness programs. As described in the write-up,

Counties are exploring wellness programs as an approach to creating a healthy and thriving workforce. Wellness programs are also seen as a mechanism for reducing health care costs. How do you determine if your investment in wellness programs will reap a return? How have counties demonstrated returns? What program components are critical for experiencing returns on their investments? These questions and many more will be answered during this workshop.

Presenters included King County Washington Councilmember Jane Hague, Fulton County Georgia Commissioner Joan Garner , Cobb County Georgia Commission Chair Tim Lee, and David Young, a consultant with Healthstat, Inc.  They each shared information and advice based on their experiences for counties seeking to adopt employee wellness programs.

Councilmember Hague shared the details of the King County plan, which has received national recognition in a power point presentation.