2014 Summer Conference Session – Is IRR Maryland’s Next Big Land Use Policy?


During the 2014 interim, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission has been working on a proposed policy for Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR) that could guide future State funding decisions for infrastructure and services. The IRR policy will consider a broad variety of planning and regulatory reforms at both the State and local level. If properly implemented, such a policy could further reasonable Smart Growth goals while acknowledging regional differences and local planning decisions. However, a poorly crafted IRR policy could ignore regional differences, create “winners and losers,” and erode local land use autonomy. Panelists will discuss the status and key components of the IRR policy, including potential effects on county governments.


  • Jon Laria, Chair, Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission
  • Sandy Coyman, Inspections Officer, Talbot County Department of Permits and Inspection
  • Frank Hertsch, President, Morris and Ritchie Associates

Moderator: The Honorable J.B. Jennings, Maryland Senate

Date & Time: Friday, August 15, 2014; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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