Video: Maryland FiRST “Game Changer”

Motorola Solutions, Inc., a MACo Silver Corporate Partner, recently released a video on the Maryland FiRST interoperable radio system that describes the benefits of the system for counties – including substantial financial savings.

As described by Motorola, the Maryland FIRST solution will provide interoperability for statewide and local jurisdictions. All law enforcement, fire and other agencies across jurisdictions will be able to communicate in an emergency. It is also designed to support local agencies who want to upgrade to the new system—saving those agencies millions of dollars—while providing the latest technology in communications.

Establishing an inclusive, representative governance body for the Maryland FiRST system is one of MACo’s 2014 legislative initiatives.  A governance body will ensure that all users – county and state – have a voice in the management and oversight of the system as it is completed, updated, and maintained.  The creation of a governance board with committed representatives of the State and county partners will protect everyone’s interests and provide county users with a role in infrastructure sharing coordination, network prioritization, standardized operations, and financial decisions.

For more information, see Motorola’s press release and our previous coverage on Conduit Street: Practitioner Steering Committee Discusses Maryland FiRST and Public Safety Communications: What is Maryland FiRST?

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