Calvert County Turns Golf Course Into Destination

Chesapeake Hills Golf Course in Lusby is on its way to being one of the top golf courses in Southern Maryland.

Calvert Currents, the monthly newsletter of the Calvert County Board of Calvert County Commissioners, reported how a number of improvements since the County’s purchase in 2008 have turned what was an aging course and clubhouse into a destination for golf lovers and avoided potential residential development on the site.  As described,

Course Manager Tim Hepler said major improvements have been made since the county took over ownership. An agronomist hired by the county has worked to improve the soil and the turf. The Grille Room and women’s locker room have been remodeled and Hepler hopes to continue improving the clubhouse as a venue for special events.

New leagues at the course keep golfers coming back on a weekly basis and have increased the number of rounds played. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, the course hosted 1,200 rounds over the FY 2012 total. So far in FY 2014, the course is already up 830 rounds over the previous year’s performance.

“We came in significantly better than our budget in 2013,” Hepler said. “We think in the future this will be the prime golf course in the tri-county area.”

For more information, see the Calvert County website or sign up for the Calvert Currents email list.