Allegany Schools Implement Stronger Concussion Policy

A September 21 Cumberland Times-News article reports that the Allegany County public school system is strengthening its efforts to reduce the prevalence of concussions in its athletics programs.  As previously reported on Conduit Street, public schools and local parks and recreation systems have been working to implement new concussion prevention and education requirements based on legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly in 2011 (HB 858 / SB 771).

“There is a lot of attention on this right now,” said Ray Kiddy, the coordinator for physical education and athletics for the board of education.  …

In August and September 2012, the school system had 150 athletic coaches and 33 health professionals and physical education teachers certified in concussion awareness and management through a National Federation of High Schools online certification course.

The course covered the recognition of a concussion, how to grade a concussion, when to refer to a medical professional, return to play decisions and how to evaluate baseline versus post injury data.  …

Many officials feel it is coming to the day that a licensed athletic trainer will be present at every game.

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