EducationSuperHighway Declares Mission Accomplished on School Broadband

EducationSuperHighway, an organization founded with the mission of upgrading the Internet assess in every public school classroom in America, has declared the mission completed and will sunset August 2020.

Nationwide, EducationSuperHighway declared that only 743 schools still need to be connected to the infrastructure needed for digital learning, meaning over 99% of the nation’s schools have affordable and reliable broadband connections at a minimum speed of 100 kbps and with a clear way to scale bandwidth for future needs.

From State of the States Maryland State Progress:

99.5% of students in Maryland can access the Internet at speeds of 100 kbps per student, and many students are connected at higher speeds.

Since 2015, the cost of broadband in Maryland has decreased by 60%.

Since 2015, schools in Maryland have utilized $51.7 Million in federal Wi-Fi funding to upgrade Wi-Fi and their internal networks.

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