Governor’s Mandate Relief Bill Spares K-12 Education Funding

As reported in the Washington Post, the Governor’s proposal for mandate relief does not affect education funding.

Hogan (R) filed legislation this week that would pause many of the state’s statutory spending hikes when revenue is projected to rise less than 2 percent compared with the previous year. The measure, which was read on the Senate floor Thursday morning, would first apply to the fiscal 2019 budget.

The proposal would exempt the state’s funding formulas for K-12 education, debt payments, the state-employee pension program and the reserve fund. But it would affect all other funding formulas that require specific levels of annual spending, including those that support community colleges, private higher-education institutions and wages for day-care workers who help the developmentally disabled.

For more information, read the full story from the Post, Md. K-12 education funding unaffected by Hogan’s mandate-relief plan and read the full legislation, Relief From Budget Mandates, on the Department of Legislative Services website.


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