Garrett County Officials & DNR Work Together to Create Deep Creek Plan

On July 24, Garrett County Commissioners and Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources made an agreement to work together to create a “Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan that will guide environmental and economic decisions at the popular recreation spot.”

From the Cumberland Times-News,

“The plan should address the quality of Deep Creek Lake’s environment and its use for swimming, fishing, boating, scenic viewing and other recreational activities,” the county commissioners stated in a press release issued earlier in the day.
The state agency will pick up 60 percent of a $50,000 contract for a consultant who will structure the planning process. The Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology at the University of Maryland will choose the consultant.
The planning process is to be completed by Oct. 31, 2014.
A steering committee of seven to nine will represent state and local governments, agriculture, forestry, residents, businesses, recreation and power generation. Those members are to be announced at the Aug. 13 meeting of the county commissioners.

To read more about the Deep Creek Plan, visit Cumberland Times-News’ website.