Kent County Commissioners Hear Update on Landfill Remediation Project, Solar Preemption Issue

A MyEasternShoreMD article (2016-05-18) reported on an update Kent County Commissioners received regarding environmental hazard remediation at the Nicholson landfill. The article noted that the remediation, which will address copper and iron groundwater levels,  is estimated to cost $133, 865. From the article:

Tim Ford of Maryland Environmental Service [MES] said the Maryland Department of the Environment [MDE] has offered a new consent order to allow the county to avoid penalties it would have incurred under an existing order. He said MES has crafted a new remediation plan in conformance with the updated consent order, which he described as “less onerous” than the one currently in force. …

Marty Holden, county director of environmental operations, said staff could perform some of the work required by the new consent order. He said MES had achieved “huge success” in similar remediation projects elsewhere in the state.

Commission Presdident William Pickrum said the new plan would be good “as long as the players don’t change at the MDE.”

The  Commissioners also received an update from Planning, Zoning, and Housing Director Amy Moredock on energy generation facilities like solar and wind farms preempting local land use ordinances, including MACo’s planned response:

Moredock gave a brief report on the Maryland Association of Counties’ response to the Public Service Commission’s ruling that a solar energy facility isn’t subject to local zoning. She said MACo planners will draft a letter of support, and file an amicus brief if Kent County appeals the PSC ruling.

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