Counties To Gov: Enlist Us In Drug Fight

MACo has reached out to Governor Hogan urging him to include counties in the efforts against drug misuse and overdoses. A letter from MACo President Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett reinforces MACo’s commitment to the state’s fight against drug misuse and overdoses, and encourages the Governor to include county governments as allies in developing long-term strategies for addressing these pressing issues.

The letter reads in part:

County officials are very invested in our state’s fight against drug misuse and overdose, and welcome the State Task Force’s initial efforts to address this crisis. We write to urge the State to actively involve county governments as allies and force multipliers in this ongoing effort.

Focusing immediate funding through Local Health Departments for improved education and preparation for overdose prevention and response is a positive step. The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) hopes that as your Administration fashions its next steps, it continues to partner with local health departments and county governments.

The letter also provides information about the Substance Abuse Outcomes Treatment Partnership Fund, a MACo initiative, and encourages the Administration to prioritize the STOP program for FY 17 and beyond.

For more information read MACo’s letter to Governor Hogan.