MACo Summer Conference Panel Debates State Climate Change Plan

A group of panelists at the 2012 MACo Summer Conference offered differing opinions on Maryland’s draft climate change plan that will require the state to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 25% of 2006 levels by 2020.  Conduit Street has previously summarized the contents of the State’s draft plan.

Maryland Department of the Environment Deputy Secretary David Costello outlined the contents of the plan and argued why the plan was needed, stressing Maryland’s vulnerability to climate change.  Maryland League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Karla Raettig also discussed the need for the plan, stating that highlighted how land use initiatives like Smart Growth and PlanMaryland are necessary components to address climate change.

Wendell Cox, the Principal of Wendell Cox Consulting, offered an opposing view, arguing that the State’s approach to climate change is flawed and that high density development can actually lead to increases in congestion and air pollution.

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