Composting in Howard County

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Howard County has opened a plant to process food scraps and yard waste from its residents to compost for vegetable and flower gardens.  This plant marks an expansion of the pilot program that Howard County began last year.  As reported,

Howard County, one of the first East Coast communities to try large-scale composting of household food scraps, is doubling down on the pilot program it launched a little over a year ago. The county recently completed an $800,000 processing facility at Alpha Ridge, where Hord and his crew are working to produce compost that county officials plan to sell back to residents and also use to enhance parks and government property.

County Executive Ulman hopes the programs will begin a cultural change, reversing the outlooks of residents who are skeptical about composting.  As reported,
“My real hope is that we’re able to change the culture, to convince people who think it’s nasty and messy … that in fact it’s easy and convenient,” Ulman said. “When you think about it, most families produce very little that can’t be recycled … or go into food scrap.”

For more information, see the full story from the Baltimore Sun and our recent post  on “zero waste” in Maryland.