MACo Submits Comments on State Climate Change Plan

On August 17 MACo submitted comments on the State’s draft greeenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction plan.  See previous Conduit Street coverage for a full overview and description of the State Plan.  From MACo’s comments:

MACo’s comments fall within four general categories:  (1) comments regarding the estimated costs, economic benefits, and results of implementing the strategies proposed in the Plan; (2) specific greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategies outlined in Chapter 6 of the Plan that would significantly affect local governments; (3) adaptation strategies outlined in Chapter 8 of the Plan that would significantly affect local governments; and (4) the process that will be used to finalize and potentially implement the Plan.

MACo expressed particular concern with proposals that would assign vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and GHG reduction goals to local governments.  MACo will continue to work with the Maryland Department of the Environment and other key agencies to address county concerns relating to the Plan.

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