Bill Moving to Require Solar Technology Evaluation for School Construction Projects

As introduced,  HB 1237 would have established a workgroup to study the feasibility of creating a streamlined program to use county and State school buildings for the collection of solar energy. However, during a meeting today of the House Health and Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Operations, the study language was struck and new language was added to require school construction design documents to include an evaluation of the use of solar technologies based on life cycle costs.  These technologies include photovoltaic solar water heating.

If an evaluation determines that solar technologies are not appropriate for a construction or renovation project, the design documents must include a report that explains why.

The cost of such an evaluation is not known, but it will add to the cost of a school construction project.

Voted favorable by the Subcommittee, this bill will now be voted by the full committee and sent to full House of Delegates for consideration.

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